Find the best on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is beautiful. We’re talking picture perfect, postcard worthy, amazingly beautiful. Got it?

Chill out for a day...or a week

What do you do on a beautiful island. For starters you can slow down. Really slow down.

People come to recharge their batteries and to renew themselves. There are a number of quiet guest houses on and near the beach that specialize in peace and quiet.

Snorkeling and fishing

Hiring a boat and getting onto the water out for the day is one of the easiest things you can do on Phu Quoc island. Some resorts may offer more services than the others, but in general any hotel is willing to book on your behalf an all-day trip out on the water. Trips typically include fishing and snorkeling gear.

Most tours begin from early morning and last until late afternoon. Food and equipment are normally included in the cost of the fee, but it’s always best to check. Prices range from $15 to $40/day.

The Night Market

Some of the finest seafood to come out of Vietnam is pulled right out of the ocean near the shores of Phu Quoc. At the night market, it is not uncommon to pick the food you want to eat while it is still alive—it’s that fresh. Must try dishes include:

  • Crab with tamarind sauce
  • Seafood hotpot
  • Stuffed Squid
  • Caramel Shrimps
  • Claypot Catfish

Prices range depending on the quantity and the market rate. However, typically two people can get stuffed for under $30.

Go green

The environment is really what makes Phu Quoc worthwhile. The untouched forests and jungles are something to behold. Covering more than 50% of the island, the National Forest is a rare gem. With the help of a guide, you can see some of the rarest and most beautiful species of plants and animals in all of Asia. Studies by the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center in 2005 recorded 1,164 higher plant species, including 23 orchid species and 12 rare plant species, including the globally endangered Paphiopedilum callosum which was recently found in the park.

A total of 208 animal species have been recorded in the National Park, including 28 mammals, 119 birds, 47 reptiles and 14 amphibians. Of these animal species, 6 mammal, 4 bird and 9 reptile species are globally endangered. The rare species include lorises, the long-tailed macaque, silver langur, otter, and hornbill.

Phu Quoc Prison

A tourist site in Vietnam isn’t complete without a reminder of the unpleasantries of colonialism. Used during the French occupation, this facility was housed those who were considered the greatest threat to the occupying government at the time. It has since reopened as a tourist attraction for those who are interested in history. A word of warning, it’s quite gruesome.

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