Escape the hustle and bustle of Saigon in Mui Ne

Yes Mui Ne is a beach town and yes you can lay around and get a tan. But there is more on offer here than surf and sun tan lotion. Scratch the surface and get more bang for your buck in this charming city by the sea.

Chill out

Your first order of business upon arriving in Mui Ne should be to relax. Whether you’ve just arrived from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or London chances are you’re looking to escape the daily grind of urban life. Well, friends, you couldn’t have chosen a better place. Mui Ne is known among locals and expats as one of the best chill out spots in Vietnam, rivaled only by Phu Quoc. Find a quiet stretch of beach, get cold drink and start feeling better about life.

Get stuffed on the cheap

Ask an expat why they’re in Mui Ne and they’ll tell you they needed to get away for a bit. Ask a Vietnamese person and they’ll tell you they’re here to eat. While Hanoi is home to probably some of the strangest foods you’ll ever encounter, Mui Ne offers you comfort food, Asian style - seafood. Love fish? Got it. Prawns? Got it. Clams? Got it. Oysters? Got it. Sea Bass? Got it. Lobster? Got it. Shrimp as big as your arm? Got.

While the amount and variety of seafood on offer in Mui Ne is amazing, the most impressive part is the price. A family of four can easily eat a five or six course meal, cooked fresh (and sometimes right in front of you) for less than $40 USD at any number of seafood restaurants that line the beach.

Get physical

Mui Ne offers a nice variety of activities that are hard to find elsewhere in Vietnam. There are of course water sports on hand, including everything from scuba and snorkeling to kite surfing.

When you’ve had enough time on the water head inland for the red sand dunes which can be ridden on a sled. That’s right a sled.

You can also hike up Mount Takou and enjoy the surrounding nature reserve. Or poke around Phan Thiet harbour and admire the armada of fishing boats that come and go throughout the day.

Travel through time

Rent a motorbike and head into the hills around Mui Ne and Phan Thiet city and you can find the ruins of the Cham Kingdom. The easiest to find is Thap Poshanu Tower. While not much remains of the tower the site offers nice views of the surrounding hills and nearby Phan Thiet Harbour.

History buffs will want to press on further to Po Klong Mhnai and other Cham sites throughout the province.

Watch the sunrise…and then set.

With all the sun and tropical fun it can be easy to miss one the best things Mui Ne has to offer – amazing sunrises and sunsets. Due to the lack of development in Mui Ne the skys are clear and free of obstructions. Sunrise on the beach is something words just can’t describe. And the sunset over the hills is something to behold as well.

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